About Megan
Megan at the wheel

Megan is a potter living on the Olympic Peninsula, in Port Townsend, Washington. She has been involved with pottery at varying levels for 20 years, learning mostly by watching and lots of experimenting on her own. She mentored with another potter in 2001 just before launching her own small-scale production and setting up her own booth at regional arts and crafts fairs. She's converted several spaces – a plant solarium, a detached garage, and now her own attached garage - into her working studio and has acquired several wheels so that she can also teach.

“I always love what is now so familiar to me when producing pottery: the ritual or routine of the process, but also the unpredictable nature and magical feeling of lifting the final piece from the kiln. Hanging on the wall of my studio is a quote which reads, 'The art of pottery, of all the arts, is the one that fuses together in indestructible unity heaven and earth, matter and spirit', and reflects the very basic elemental nature that I love, when turning soft clay into beautiful and useful permanent objects".

“I began making large elaborate vases several years ago, stretching my comfort zone beyond smaller, functional pieces. I had just learned that I'd been accepted into a house-building program and was going to be involved in the actual construction of building eight houses, including one that would become my own. I'd been on a waiting list for more than a year, and had not expected that it would happen. I thought of those vases as embodying the idea that 'anything is possible', which directly reflected my surprise and excitement about getting to be a house-builder for a year. The vases were more challenging to make than anything I'd previously done, and by far the most elaborate in process, structure, and design. One day I added a lid to one, and the idea of creating urns was born”.

“I now make them lovingly as I imagine them holding the ashes and honoring the life and memory of someone who was well loved. Most of all, for those of us still living, I hope to instill expression in the urns that may provide some comfort or solace, as well as some joy”.

During Megan's fourteen years living in this corner of the Pacific Northwest, she has also received a masters degree in Child/Family Therapy and Art Therapy from Antioch University, Seattle. In addition to pottery, she has spent the past five years working with troubled youth and their families, and now is also considering how to foster the creative process in people by working with them in groups, utilizing various art media. She loves working in her garden, running and hiking, music and movies, potluck dinners with friends, and soaking up as much sunshine as possible.