Funerary Urns

All of our urns are uniquely beautiful. The form and shape of each one, the various colors, the carved patterns and curving handles, all are elements which combine to create striking vessels. While not shy of expression, they are dignified.

The urn lids have a small chamber within, into which a small token, such as a piece of jewelry, or a message may be placed. lid mount stone

Each urn is created by first throwing forms on the wheel. These are then joined together, and embellishments added such as handles, or carved designs. Then they are glazed and fired in an electric kiln.

See FAQ for explanation of urn capacity, for information on keepsake urns, and for sealing an urn. To purchase see our ETSY Store page

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Quiemuth Urn Quiemuth Urn detail   Lilienthal Urn Lilienthal Urn detail
9 ” x 10”     231 cu. in.

13” x 7½”     115 cu. in.

Wahkiakum Urn Wahkiakum Urn detail   Adams Urn Adams Urn detail
15½” x 9½”     202 cu. in.

15½” x 5”     90 cu. in.
Gardner Urn Gardner Urn detail   Copper Butte Urn Copper Butte Urn detail
19” x 4½”     86 cu. in.
  Copper Butte
9” x 14”       230 cu. in.

Spokane Urn Spokane Urn detail   Monashee Urn Monashee Urn detail
14” x 9”     87 cu. in.

13½” x 9”     188 cu. in.

Bonanza Urn Bonanza Urn detail   Glacier Urn Glacier Urn detail
16” x 14”     173 cu. in.

8½” x 9”      173 cu. in.
Gypsy Urn Gypsy Urn detail   Olympus Urn Olympus Urn detail
9½” x 15½“      101 cu. in.

 9” x 15”      230 cu. in.

Rainer Urn Ranier Urn detail   Bighorn Urn Bighorn Urn detail
9½” x 15½“      202 cu. in.
15½” x 10”      230 cu. in.

Tekoa Urn Tekoa Urn detail   Selkirk Urn Selkirk Urn detail
17” x 8”     122 cu. in.

14” x 8”     108 cu. in.

Mount Stone Urn Mount Stone Urn detail   Mount Stone Keepsake Mount Stone Keepsake Detail
Mount Stone
9” x 15”     230 cu. in.

  Mount Stone Keepsake Urn
6” x 4½”      28 cu. in.

Selkirk Keepsake Urn Selkirk Keepsake Urns   Karakul Keepsake Urn Karakul Keepsake Urn
Selkirk Keepsake Urns
4” x 2½”     4.5 cu. in.
Karakul Keepsake Urn

6" x 4½”       30 cu. in.

Camano Keepsake Urn Camano Keepsake Urn   cascade keepsake detail
Camano Keepsake
14” x 8”     10.5 cu. in.

  Cascade Keepsake Urns
5” x 3½”      14 cu. in.

Cascade Keepsake
Urn Detail

Quimper Keepsake Urn quimper detail      
Quimper Keepsake Urn
5½” x 4”      24.5 cu. in.